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Your time is very important, please find time to review our requirements thoroughly, incomplete materials can delay the process.

You can submit and fill up the application online under APPLY! menu bar and complete all the required field(s).

Once initially pre-approved, one of our team members will notify you via email for screening evaluation.


  • Owned and Operated by Female

  • Representation: We're Non-exclusive Modeling Management

  • Service Areas: Local, National and International Market


Acceptable Photos:


  • We need at least 3 - 12 months old professional photos minimum of five (5) images.

  • Looks: Headshot, Digitals, Fashion, Editorial, Lifestyle, Sports, Fitness etc.

  • Your photos must represent your current look: Hair color and cut.

  • Attached the files in the GOOGLE LINKS format. Please do not submit single photos. Download "Google Drive" and save your photos from there and label it: PORTFOLIO + FULL NAME

  • Minor Work Permit for under 18 years old - Apply here

  • Apply and Submit Online

  • Audition | Open Calls | Casting Calls


NO Experience?

  • Notes: If you need assistance on getting professional photos done, we do everything in-house for your convenience. Click here - PORTFOLIO PACKAGE

  • If you're new, zero experience and or don't know where to start we highly suggest scheduling a private consultation so we can filter down all the information you need and other potential option you may consider. We will guide you the steps on how to get started and what you need to have and learn the basics.

  • Schedule IN PERSON consultation: In-Person Consultation 

  • Schedule VIRTUAL consultation: Virtual Consultation 


What to avoid when uploading photos:

  • Cellphone photos

  • Selfie

  • Heavy makeup except for Editorial | High fashion shoot

  • Filtered or altered.

  • You should never share photos in the nude.

What happen after my submission?

  • Online application takes up to two (2) weeks before you get feedback from us.

  • We only accept EMAIL follow up for any application status.


When emailing must specify as follows:

Subject line: FULL NAME | Position (Model | Talent | Artist etc.)

Body of your email:

  • Your message should have a brief introduction including exact date you applied/submitted

  • Measurements

  • Contact Information

  • Portfolio Links Only! (Google Drive)

  • Instagram Handle or Website

Email it to:


When accepted will require the following identification:

  • Copy of Driver's License | Passport | Birth Certificate

  • Copy of Social Security 

  • Proof of Residency (Utility Bill)

  • Minor Work Permit for under 18 years old - Apply here



Mandatory requirements once officially on board. If any of these lists doesn't apply to you bring whatever you have and will make it work as long as it's agency quality standards, we will honor it.

Some of these items can be done over time or whenever you are ready to do so. We're here to help. Feel free to inquire.

  • Website Profile - Click here to view our model website profile

  • Portfolio - (Experienced minimum of five (5) professional photos) - (Beginner and or no experience) - Click here to view our portfolio packages

  • Comp Cards - Click here to view your options

  • Polaroid - With NO makeup (Full body, close up, both side angle must be taken in solid white background) scroll all the way down and view more options.

  • Digital - With NO makeup (Full body, close up, both side angle must be taken in solid white background) scroll all the way down and view more options.

  • Resume - Basic is acceptable

  • Measurements - Must be accurate as will measure you in the office

  • Video Clip | Reel - Brief Introduction about you using your smart phone and it must be in white background. Example: Name, age, height and measurements

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