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About Us

"We are passionate about our work, and we don't rest until we deliver something extraordinary"


MILES MODELS is a premier modeling and talent management agency that represents some of the industry's most sought after models. Our client base extends to some of the biggest names in fashion and entertainment, allowing us to offer our models unparalleled exposure and opportunities. Our team of experienced agents is committed to nurturing and guiding our talent every step of the way.

As one of the fastest-growing modeling agencies, we believe that success is achieved through hard work and dedication. Our team is passionate about helping our models reach their full potential by providing the necessary training, support, and guidance they need to succeed in the highly competitive modeling industry. Our unique approach to talent management is designed to help our models thrive, and we look forward to working with you.

Our Mission

At MILES MODELS our mission is to discover, develop, and represent diverse talent, fostering their growth and success in the fashion and entertainment industries. We are dedicated to creating opportunities, promoting inclusivity, and delivering exceptional service to our models and clients. By combining creativity, professionalism, and innovation, we strive to set new standards in the modeling industry.

High-Fashion Modeling Agency Mission Statement

At MILES MODELS, our mission is to cultivate elite modeling talent and provide unparalleled representation in the high-fashion industry. We are committed to nurturing the careers of our models, offering them the guidance, resources, and opportunities to excel on the global stage. Through a relentless pursuit of excellence, we aim to redefine beauty and set trends that inspire and influence the fashion world.

Commercial Modeling Agency Mission Statement

At MILES MODELS, our mission is to connect brands with exceptional modeling talent, bringing their vision to life through captivating and relatable imagery. We focus on developing versatile models who can excel in commercial, print, and digital media. Our commitment to professionalism, creativity, and client satisfaction ensures that we consistently deliver impactful and effective marketing solutions.

Inclusive Modeling Agency Mission Statement

At MILES MODELS, our mission is to champion diversity and inclusivity in the modeling industry. We believe that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds, and we are dedicated to representing and empowering models of all identities. Our goal is to create a more inclusive and equitable fashion landscape by promoting authentic representation and celebrating individuality.

Boutique Modeling Agency Mission Statement

At MILES MODELS, our mission is to provide personalized and dedicated representation to a select group of talented models. We prioritize quality over quantity, offering bespoke management and career development tailored to each model’s unique strengths and aspirations. Our boutique approach ensures that our models receive the attention and opportunities they need to thrive in their careers.

Full-Service Modeling and Content Creation Agency Mission Statement

At MILES MODELS, our mission is to bridge the worlds of modeling and content creation, offering a comprehensive suite of services that empower talent and elevate brands. We are committed to discovering and nurturing exceptional models while producing high-quality, impactful content that resonates with audiences. Our holistic approach combines creativity, strategy, and innovation to drive success for our models and clients alike.


Lovilla Santiago is the visionary Founder and CEO of MILES MODELS, Native Filipino and now based in Atlanta, Georgia for 23 years. She's passionate about empowering models and talents to showcase their unique skills and enhance their personal and professional growth. A premier modeling agency known for discovering and nurturing some of the most talented models in the industry. With a career spanning over [14] years, Lovilla Santiago has established a reputation as a dynamic leader and a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion in fashion. 

Early Career and Background: Born and raised in Philippines, Lovilla Santiago developed an early interest in fashion and the arts. After earning a degree in Communication Arts Major in Broadcasting from University of the East Philippines, she began her career in the fashion industry as talent/model herself, where she quickly gained a keen eye for identifying unique talent and potential.

Establishing MILES MODELS: In [2013], Lovilla Santiago founded MILES MODELS with the goal of creating an agency that not only represents beauty and talent but also champions individuality and inclusivity. Driven by a vision to redefine industry standards, Lovilla Santiago focused on building a diverse portfolio of models from various backgrounds, sizes, and cultures.

Achievements and Contributions: Under Lovilla Santiago’s leadership, MILES MODELS has grown into one of the most respected and successful modeling agencies in the industry. Some of the key achievements include:

  • Discovering Top Talent: MILES MODELS has discovered and developed numerous models who have gone on to work with top fashion houses, appear in major magazines, and star in high-profile campaigns.

  • Innovative Campaigns: Leading groundbreaking campaigns that challenge traditional beauty standards and promote diversity and inclusivity.

  • Industry Recognition: Receiving accolades and awards from prestigious fashion and industry organizations for excellence in talent management and innovation.


Philosophy and Vision: Lovilla Santiago believes in the power of mentorship and personal development. They are dedicated to providing comprehensive support to their models, from professional training and portfolio development to career guidance and personal branding. Their philosophy centers on the belief that every model has a unique story to tell and that true beauty lies in authenticity and confidence.

Personal Life and Interests: When not at the helm of MILES MODELS, Lovilla Santiago enjoys e.g., traveling, attending fashion shows, photography, networking, and volunteering charity work etc. She is also actively involved in Feed the Homeless. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a passion for empowering models to achieve their dreams, Lovilla Santiago continues to drive MILES MODELS forward as a leader in the fashion industry. Her dedication to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment sets a new standard for what a modeling agency can be.

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