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How to Become a Professional Model?

  • It’s not only about good looks anymore. You will have to prove your readiness for the modeling job in a short interview. You will have to convince the hiring managers from the agency that you;

  • Have good communication skills and it is easy to work with you.

  • Are ready to handle difficult aspects of modeling job, such as long photo shots, tiring days, excessive traveling, and criticism.

  • Understand what it takes to do this job, and are ready to continuously take care of your body and looks.

Why do you want to work as a model?


  • Many people have unrealistic expectations and ideas about modeling. While a fraction of professional models earn a fortune, and about ten percent of people make their full time living with the job, modeling is mostly a hobby (or a part-time job) for the majority of men and women from the pictures.

  • When you are just starting your career in modeling, you never know what the future will bring. Tell the interviewers that you look at this opportunity as the way to earn some extra money, to learn new things and to meet interesting people.

  • You can talk also about other goals you have in life–such as graduating from the high school (or college), and pursuing this or that career path.

  • Aspiring models who do not see themselves on the cover of Vogue magazine the next month, but approach their chance in modeling with modesty, are the best hires for the agencies. Try to stay humble in your interview.


I wanna model but I have zero experience, I don't know where and how to start?

  • First google nearby modeling school academy and or sign up for workshops/classes they're more affordable, be vigilant and make your deep research about the company to ensure their legitimacy and credibility.

  • Find a local photographer that'll be willing to do a photo trade work. That's the only way you can save money while you are establishing your name/portfolio. The easiest way to find them via social media especially Instagram you can view their work and profile.

  • Majority of the big agencies depends through talent's experiences example your portfolio would be your investment to get in the door.

  • As a serious talent scout management we love fresh faces especially if you have a marketable look and personality is definitely a huge factor, regardless even if you have zero experience we guide our potential aspiring models and talents how to get started. You begin your journey with us and we walk you through the process.

Does MILES MODELS offer Workshop and or Classes?

Does MILES MODELS offer Portfolio Session?

  • Yes. We have couple packages to choose from that'll fit everyone's budget. Click here and discover more

  • Popular package: C - Gold Package $1,250.00

What are the types of modeling and or talent I can apply?

Interested applying but I don't know the requirements?

Where can I submit? You can apply directly using our web portal below:


When do I get the status of my application?

  • Online application takes 2-6 weeks before you get a feedback from us.

  • We only accept EMAIL follow up for any application status.​

  • When emailing must specify as follows:​

  • Subject line: FULL NAME | Position (Model | Talent | Artist etc.)

  • Your message should have a brief introduction including exact date you applied/submitted

Do you hold Open Calls?


Conclusion and next steps:

  • Photographers and editors can do wonders nowadays. Model agencies do not need to hire the very best looking girls anymore. But they want to hire people they can  work with, people who have a good understanding for the job of a model, and who can handle the tough aspects of this profession.

  • True, you still need to look good, and have charisma, to have any chance of succeeding and getting hired. But you can significantly improve your chances of signing an interesting work contract with good interview answers, and by doing everything right in your interview. 

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