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 MODELING workshop



Runway Walk Training and strut with Confidence!


Are you ready to unleash your inner model and command the catwalk with confidence? Join us for our Runway Walk Training workshop, where you'll learn the art of walking with grace, poise, and confidence. Whether you're an aspiring model, a pageant contestant, or simply looking to boost your self-confidence and posture, this workshop is designed for you.


  • No prior experience is required to attend this workshop.

  • Come as you are and leave with the skills and confidence to strut your stuff like a runway pro!

Workshop Content:

  • Introduction to Runway Walking: Learn the fundamentals of runway walking, including posture, balance, and body alignment.

  • Strut Techniques: Master the signature walk styles, including the classic runway walk, the high fashion strut, and the confident power walk.

  • Posing and Expression: Discover how to showcase garments and accessories with elegance and flair through strategic posing and facial expressions.

  • Confidence Building: Develop self-assurance and charisma as you practice walking with purpose and confidence.

  • Individualized Feedback: Receive personalized feedback and coaching from experienced runway coaches to refine your technique and style.

  • Runway Etiquette: Gain insights into runway etiquette, backstage protocol, and professional conduct in the fashion industry.



  • Enhance your posture, grace, and poise.

  • Boost your self-confidence and body confidence.

  • Develop valuable skills applicable to modeling, pageantry, public speaking, and everyday life.

  • Network with like-minded individuals and industry professionals.

  • Receive expert guidance and feedback to elevate your runway presence.


Who Should Attend:

  • Aspiring models

  • Pageant contestants

  • Individuals looking to improve their posture and confidence

  • Fashion enthusiasts

  • Anyone interested in mastering the art of walking with confidence

Beginners Program: Runway Edition + Photoshoot 

  • Tuition/Program Fee: $925.00 + $75.00 Service Fee = $1,000.00 (Refer below for scholarship discount)

  • Length of Program: Six (6) Months Program

  • Sessions: Once (1) a month (Every first Sunday of each month)

  • Duration: Three (3) Hours per session

  • Number of Students: Minimum of 10 - 25 students max per session

  • 15 minutes Exercise before the session starts

Available Scholarship Program for the qualified candidates:

  • Students with straight A's - 20% ($200) OFF Discount = $800.00

  • Students with A's + B's - 15% ($150) OFF Discount = $850.00

  • Students with B's - 10% ($100) OFF Discount = $900.00

Summer | Fall Program Schedule

  • Sunday, June 2nd 2024

  • Sunday, July 7th 2024

  • Sunday, August 4th 2024

  • Sunday, September 8th 2024

  • Sunday, October 6th 2024

  • Sunday, November 3rd 2024

Winter | Spring Program Schedule

  • Sunday, December 8th 2024

  • Sunday, January 5th 2025

  • Sunday, February 2nd 2025

  • Sunday, March 2nd 2025

  • Sunday, April 6th 2025

  • Sunday, May 4th 2025

Total Sessions: Six (6x)

  • Four (4x) Runway walk practice

  • One (1) Headshot Photoshoot session (2 looks of your choice - you'll provide your own garments) Headshot photos will be provided as raw/unedited via Dropbox links (Downloadable file) using your verified email address within 24 hours of the photoshoot day, edited version is subject for additional cost $25 per single edit or $100 5/edits. 

  • One (1) Digital Photoshoot session (Student will provide their own solid black turtleneck + black bottoms + matching heels/shoes) Digital photos will be provided as raw/unedited via Dropbox links (Downloadable file) using your verified email address within 24 hours of the photoshoot day, edited version is subject for additional cost $25 per single edit or $100 5/edits. 

  • Final Session same day as the Digital Photoshoot Day: "Certificate of Completion + Evaluation"

Scholars Students must submit the following:

  • School Report Card - Mandatory

  • Email:

  • Subject Line: Interested in Scholarship Program | School Name | Student Name | Age

Final #6 Session (EVALUATION):

  • This could take extra hour (4 hours equivalent for the final day) 3 hours digital photoshoot session + 1-hour evaluation

  • Certificate of Completion will be given to this day.

  • Students will have opportunity to compete in different market from US territories to global markets.

  • Each student will get evaluated based on their overall performance for potential agency representations and recommendations etc.

  • Will provide feedback and proper guidance the business side of the industry (contracts, pay, etc.) Auditions/go-sees, model bags, portfolios, comp cards and more.



  • We provide Miles Models V-neck shirt

  • Women: Students will provide their own solid black bottom (skirt/leggings) and heels/shoes that matches the entire outfit

  • Men: Students will provide their own solid black bottom (pants) and shoes that matches the entire outfit

Scholarship Program

Fill Out Our Scholarship Application Form Below:

Scholarship Discount (Select) - $1,000 Tuition Fee. Available for autopay installment plan (Must provide CC on file for autopay charge) Scholars' student still required to pay 50% deposit and the remaining balance will be calculated accordingly based on your total grade/discounts. You'll receive an invoice via email. Contact our Office Support Manager for Scholarship Program | Subject: Scholar Student interested in workshop | Name
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Have you done any training in the past?
Workshop | Training Status

Thanks for registering to our modeling workshop.

Will review your registration for scholarship approval.

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