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 MODELING workshop



What Kinds of Things Do Aspiring Models Learn in Coaching Class?

A solid modeling class curriculum should give students a great overview of the industry and cover all the main aspects, including:

  • The categories students will learn - Runway, Fashion, Commercial, Print etc.

  • Photoshoots - What to expect on set, how to pose, how to work in front and behind the camera

  • Posture and walking - How to achieve a confident walk on the runway and beyond


  • Hair and Makeup application - Professional tips and tricks to enhance your own unique look

  • Skin Care Expert Tips - How to take care of your skin naturally and avoiding the "DON'TS" to maintain a healthier glowing skin.


  • Model basics - The business side of the industry (contracts, pay, etc.), auditions/go-sees, model bags, portfolios, comp cards

  • Health - Nutrition, fitness, and a positive body image

  • Safety - Self-defense, avoiding scams, and protecting yourself from dangerous situation

Scholarship Program
Scholarship Requirements and benefits:
  • Scholarship Discounted Rates for the right candidate(s)
  • Students with Straight A's: 25% Off Tuition Fee Discount 
  • Student with A's and B's: 15% Off Tuition Fee Discount 
  • Student with All B's: 5% Off Tuition Fee Discount 
  • We certify student after completion of each program 
  • Workshop doesn't guarantee student(s) from representation

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