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Cancellation and Refund Policy

Industry Boot Camp

“Depart. Explore. Create. Capture”

(Payment | Refund | Cancellation Policy) 


Please read our Payment / Refund and Cancellation Policy before booking any Industry Boot Camp travel packages.  


Payment Policy


While booking Industry Boot Camp whether on our website, direct invitation or other social media platforms, the traveler should pay 50% for booking as a security deposit.


For each trip you signed up, the traveler should pay the total amount with the requested due date to secure your spot.


  • (Domestic) - The traveler should pay a total amount 30 to 60 days before the trip.

  • (International) - The traveler should pay a total amount 60 to 120 days before the trip.


Just contact us at | with your booking confirmation or email and our team will be glad to amend your booking. After receiving your payment, we will provide you the travel breakdown including flights and hotel accommodations or final confirmation which will be sent to your email or you’ll be added in the group chat via Instagram and everything will be provided from there as our alternative communication platform to stay updated for the trip.




Please read our Refund and Cancellation Policy before booking any future travel “Industry Boot Camp” via Teamup. Please read these terms and conditions carefully.


The traveler must notify the MILES MODELS as soon as possible if cancellation is required. We recommend each traveler read and review the cancellation policy.


Refund Policy


(What CAN be Refunded)


Industry Boot Camp organized by our agency (MILES MODELS), Operated with our CEO | Founder | Director Lovilla Santiago and assisted by our Operations Manager | Agent Michael Miller and may require a minimum number of travelers to operate. If the minimum number won’t gather the affected traveler will be 100% refunded or may choose a similar tour, as a substitute.


Note: If MILES MODELS didn’t meet the required minimum numbers of travelers and chooses to continue the trip that may be more expensive than the original product, travelers should consider paying the additional cost.


In case of bad weather conditions or other serious reasons where MILES MODELS has to cancel the trip, WE PROVIDE you with a 100% REFUND as CREDITS and can be used for future travel.


100% REFUND will be given if travelers can find a replacement and pay the travel cost.


(What CANNOT be Refunded)


We make all flights, hotel accommodations, rental cars and tour schedules ahead of time and some of the reservations either non refundable and or non transferable. Important. Any person who doesn’t appear on the day of departure will not be refunded. Hotel extensions, Car Rentals, and instant confirmation products (admission tickets, all kinds of tickets) CANNOT be exchanged or refunded once confirmed.


Cancellation Policy


The cancellation fee will take into effect once you submit your reservation. If your booking can not be confirmed for any reason, we will fully refund your booking without any additional charges. We recommend each traveler to review the cancellation policy fully.


  • 72 hours (3 days) FREE cancellation and FULL REFUND from the date of reservation and or from the date of the deposit is made. 

  • 0% refund for cancellations theirafter 




Cancellation fees are calculated based on the date you make Cancellation Request and travel service start date.


All cancellations must be made directly with MILES MODELS, not third party tour providers


Reservations paid by wire transfer (Venmo or Square), cash deposit. For refunds processed by wire transfer, any associated wire transfer fee will be deducted from the overall refund amount.


How to Cancel a Reservation


We will NOT accept email cancellations unless travelers have complete, attached Cancellation Form.




Cancellation must be by filling out and signing MILES MODELS Cancellation Request Form. Please download the Cancellation Request Form here.


MILES MODELS strongly recommends all travelers to acquire travel insurance on medical, trip cancellation and baggage, etc. We act as an agent providing tour, transfers, accommodations. Due to the Cancellation Policy for your tour and the unexpected events that can possibly occur, travelers will benefit from purchasing Travel Insurance for your reservation.

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