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Entry-level models build a portfolio to attract the attention of an agency

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The session fee includes a pre-consultation, Proper guidance and expertise from our Creative Director, Evaluation process, Mood board and concept ideas and How to start modeling in general aspects.  As an aspiring model, you need an amazing model portfolio to kickstart your career. It’s your chance to make a great first impression on agencies and clients. It is important for you to put in the effort to get all aspects of your modeling portfolio right. It’s not only about shooting your portfolio, there’s a lot more planning that goes into creating a great portfolio.

Focus on the type of model you want to be...

While pursuing your passion to become a successful model, you also need to be realistic and aware of the stereotypes that are a part of the modeling industry. In most cases, your body type would define the kind of assignments you get, as most clients have a preconceived notion of what they feel fits their brief. For example, its harder for shorter or petite models to break into fashion modeling. While these stereotypes are constantly being broken and you certainly can break them on your way, it helps to be realistic and honest about your strong points. This would increase your chances of achieving success and reduce setbacks and rejections.

Fact is, you should ideally not even be contacting modeling agencies before you have a properly done well-rounded portfolio in place.

How about choosing one of your friends to shoot your portfolio? Again, the answer is NO. Avoid going with the first, or the most convenient option that presents itself. Also, if you are choosing your friend just because you are comfortable getting shot by a friend, think twice about becoming a model. As a professional model, you would need the confidence to take on assignments and work with new people every day. It’s time to start honing those skills.

Do your own research, study portfolios of models, ask for referrals and take your time finding the right photographer for your model portfolio shoot. Have a look at their photography portfolio website to see their style of work. Choose a photographer whose area of expertise and style matches your vision and style. For example, if you want to become a freelance model, then a commercial advertising photographer may be your best bet, as that’s the kind of work you would be doing the most. It doesn’t matter whether you get your photoshoot done by multiple photographers – in fact, it can save you money and time by choosing the one right photographer that can deliver on what your vision is.

How to create a model portfolio?


We're here to help, will work on what would be marketable base on your look and guide you step-by-step. Our photoshoot session organized for you with a pre-approved photographer along with our certified production team with years of experience in the industry.

Per Session

  • Headshot - $350.00 | One Look | | Three (3) Edits

  • Product - $350.00 | One Look | | Three (3) Edits

  • Catalog - $350.00 | One Look | | Three (3) Edits

  • Corporate - $350.00 | One Look | | Three (3) Edits

  • Fashion - $350.00 | One Look | | Three (3) Edits

  • Editorial - $350.00 | One Look | | Three (3) Edits

  • Fitness - $350.00 | One Look | | Three (3) Edits

  • Sports - $350.00 | One Look | | Three (3) Edits

  • Swim - $350.00 | One Look | | Three (3) Edits

  • Lingerie - $350.00 | One Look | | Three (3) Edits

Raw | Unedited Files Only - Most agencies would prefer to see you in your most natural look, A must have for a portfolio​ book.

The most requested photos when applying to any agency.

  • Polaroid - $100.00

  • Digitals - $100.00

Combo Package - $600.00

  • Combination of two (2) looks

  • Select two (2) best looks of your choice

  • Look Choices: Headshot | Product | Catalog | Corporate | Fashion | Editorial | Fitness | Sports | Swim | Lingerie

Optional Add On

  • Modeling Coach - $125.00

  • Wardrobe Stylist$75.00 - One (1) Look plus $50 for additional look

  • Makeup Artist - $75.00 - One (1) Look plus $50 for additional look

  • Hair Stylist - $75.00 - One (1) Look plus $50 for additional look


  • Choose two (2) different dates for your photo shoot date, will pick a date based on the availability you provided

  • Approximately 2 - 4 hours of studio | location shooting

  • Raw (Unedited) Photos via Dropbox links for you to choose from, file will be emailed to you within 24 - 72 hours from the photoshoot date. As soon as you receive it, make a selection right away.

  • Edited images will be completed 7 - 14 days from the date you completed the selection

  • Professional Photographer

  • Mood board | Concept

  • Any additional images are $25 each

  • 50% Deposit required

  • Full Payment must be completed the same day of the photoshoot session

  • We accept all major credit cards + 4% processing Fee

  • Cash in person, PayPal or Venmo @milesmodels no extra fees

Modeling Guidelines

Comp Cards Price

  • 100 Copies - $100.00 plus $25.00 Service Fee = $125.00 (Pick Up)

  • 50 Copies - $75.00 plus $25.00 Service Fee = $100.00 (Pick Up)

  • If you want us to mail it to you, additional $8.99


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