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Name:  Jeno Uche
Photography Name: Jeno Uche Photography
Service Areas: Atlanta (Available for travel bookings)
Contact:  404-590-5006
Email:  mrjenobooking@gmail.com
Website:  www.mrjeno.com
Instagram: @mrjeno

Atlanta-based freelance photographer specializing in Beauty, Fashion, Editorial and Commercial photography as well as High-end retouching.

My passion for photography started about six years ago and it continues to grow from project to project. As a photographer I strive to capture the beauty of all the fascinating people that I meet with minimal photo editing. As a retoucher I strive to enhance everyone’s natural beauty. Photography to me is the method of capturing a mood by sculpting lights and shadows. I also work with a team of talented professionals who assist me in making that happen. I currently create content for several national brands and modeling agencies.

Name:  Benjamin Driggs
Photography Name: Driggs Photography
Service Areas:  Atlanta (Available for travel bookings)
Contact:  404-645-5565
Email:  driggsphoto@gmail.com
Website: www.driggsphoto.com
Instagram: @driggssee
Name:  Bang Nguyen
Photography Name: Bang N Media
Service Areas:  Los Angeles (Available for travel bookings)
Contact:  404-358-2644
Email:  bangnmedia@gmail.com
Website:  www.bangnmedia.com
Instagram: @bangnmedia

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Name: Lennard Devlin
Photography Name: Devlin Photography
Service Areas: Atlanta (Available for travel bookings)
Contact:  646-801-1755
Email:  ldevlinphotography@gmail.com
Website:  www.ldevlinphotography.com
Instagram: @ldevlinphotography

As lead photographer and video production expert, I've worked in the beauty and real estate industry for over 12 years. 


Originally from South Carolina; I attended American InterContinental University to study media production and made Atlanta home in the late 90’s. I've been able to establish myself as one of the most sought-after media producers of international beauty campaigns highlighting products and events, real estate, corporate headshots and branding  throughout the Southeastern Region. 


My artistry can be seen in many consumer, trade publications and websites. My specialty is session work for print, fashion, marketing campaigns, commercial headshots, products, educational video production and film. I also enjoy teaching lighting classes and mentorship of youth.

Name:  Jeremy Barton
Photography Name:  JB Photography
Service Areas: Athens, Atlanta (Available for travel bookings)
Contact:  706-818-9219
Email:  jeremybartonportraits@gmail.com
Website:  www.thejeremybarton.com
Instagram: @shootmejeremyb

I love photography. Its what I wake up thinking about, but even more so than photography, I love creative collaboration. Whether it’s working with commercial clients, musicians, or portrait clients, I love creatives and I truly strive to learn from them and grow with them everyday.

When booking a shoot keep in mind that you will work with a plethora of amazing people, from hair & makeup to high-end retouchers. I like to plan my sessions so its more than just a shoot, it's an experience.

Name:  Laretta Houston
Photography Name:  Laretta Houston
Service Areas:  Atlanta, Los Angeles (Available for travel bookings)
Contact:  770-714-2100 323-844-1003
Email:  info@larettahouston.com
Website:  www.larettahouston.com
Instagram:  @larettahouston
Advertising photographer Laretta Houston, was born in Angeles City, Philippines.  From struggle and poverty evolved an inspirational vision of beauty and life all around her.  Laretta’s story could easily have taken such a different turn if not for her determination and strength. 

Her Multimedia background would prove to be an invaluable help in marketing her new passion as well as giving incredible insight to clients advertising and marketing needs.

As reflected in her art, her history plays and incredible influence on Laretta’s vision. She sees beauty in unlikely places.  As a woman who wears her emotions on her sleeve, her mind’s eye sees each project as a very personal journey.

She now spends most her time raising her beautiful daughter Simone. Upon bookings, she shoots advertising, beauty, fashion, lifestyle editorials, campaigns and lookbooks between Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York & Miami.

Name:  Leslie Andrews
Photography Name:  Leslie Andrews Photography
Service Areas:  Atlanta (Available for travel bookings)
Contact:  916-267-5777
Email:  lesliea.photo@gmail.com
Website:  leslieandrewsphotography.com
Instagram: @leslieandandrewsphoto
Leslie Andrews is an Atlanta-based fashion photographer whose made a name herself in the highly competitive world of beauty and fashion photography. She specializes in editorial, commercial, fashion/beauty and product photography. In 2004 Leslie left the corporate world and went back to school to pursue her love for photography. In 2006, she graduated with a degree photographic imaging and began working full-time as a fashion photographer. After a few short years, she honed her craft and garnered the attention and respect of clients and creative directors alike. Her style is sleek and clean with an edge. Leslie loves collaborative synergy, working with a fantastic team of make up, hair stylists, and fashion designers to create compelling photographs. When she's not shooting, Leslie enjoys spending time with her family, cooking and doing volunteer work, she is committed to giving back to the community and loves working with children and teens.
Name:  Max Pierre Jr.
Photography Name:  MPJ Images
Service Areas:  Atlanta (Available for travel bookings)
Contact:  770-875-0463
Email:  maxpierre@mpjimages.com
Website:  www.mpjimages.com
Instagram: @maxpierrejrphoto

Max Pierre Jr is a metro Atlanta based Commercial Fashion and Portrait photographer. Having his start as a Film major, Max fell in love with the art of photography because of the ability to "tell stories at the blink of an eye". He also found complete satisfaction in making people happy, after revealing images he's created for them. So naturally, Max started his professional career as a wedding photographer where he found success photographing around the USA and beautiful island destinations like Grenada and Dominican Republic, along the way had some cool experiences with his work being featured in magazines like Premiere Weddings: New York, Black Nupitals, and other local magazines. 


 In Max's years as a Professional Photographer, he has become skilled in the ability to pose his subjects and creating the best light for let them to shine, furthering the storytelling aspect to his work.

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Name:  Carlos
Photography Name:  Still Going Designs
Service Areas:  Atlanta (Available for travel bookings)
Contact:  478-960-6393
Email:  stillgoingdesigns@gmail.com
Website:  Under construction
Instagram: @stillgoingdesigns
Name:  Sohail Chouhan
Photography Name: 850 Fashion
Service Areas:  Atlanta, Pensacola (Available for travel bookings)
Contact:  850-417-3375
Email:  mycountryclicks@gmail.com
Website:  www.850fashionphoto.com
Instagram: @850fashionphoto

Serving predominantly Atlanta and Florida Panhandle area for over 5 years. 

Over the last 5 years, I've had the opportunity to help models and commercial clients achieve their goals.

My work is featured on top-tier modeling agency from Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, and even smaller markets like Pensacola and Mobile. At the same time, I've been fortunate enough to be commissioned for magazine covers and editorial story. 

Name:  Caitlin Tabilog
Photography Name:  Caitlin Tabilog Photography
Service Areas: Atlanta (Available for travel bookings)
Contact:  770-615-1961
Email:  photography@caitlintabilog.com 
Website:  www.caitlintabilog.com
Instagram: @ctabphotography

Atlanta based portrait photographer who absolutely loves her job of getting to capture everlasting memories and bring joy to her clients through her photographs. 

But hey. . .  we're here not because of me, but because of you! Because your portrait session is all about YOU! I want to be your photographer for all stages of life. From celebrating your engagement with your partner, to having fun at the park with your three year old, all the way to capturing your high school senior's portraits before heading off to college. We're here for you every step of the way! 

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