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We're looking for Brand Ambassadors and Tradeshow Models

Please find time to review our OPEN CALLS schedule and requirements.

MILES MODELS holds Open Calls in Dallas, TX location. 

Open Calls Date: Wednesday, July 1st 2020

Time: Using our form below choose our time slot options that'll fit your availability

Venue: NEP STUDIOS - 8th Floor Conference Room

Address: 211 N Ervay Dallas, TX 75201


Upon your arrival please come up the 8th floor and you'll be assisted by one of our team members to our conference room. Please note parking is hectic in Downtown so plan ahead to arrive early.

Contact Person:

What to bring: Two (2) out of this options

Resume: Required

  • Basic (Beginner)

  • Experienced (Model and or Talent)


When accepted will require the following identification:

  • Copy of Drivers License

  • Copy of Social Security 

  • Minor Work Permit for under 18 years old - Apply here

What to wear: (FEMALE APPLICANT)

  • Solid black dress 

  • Black Heels 


Note: Please wear very light makeup (nude lipstick) or NO makeup if possible.

We would love to see your natural look if possible!

NO up do's (hair must be down) preferably straight or big curls.

Avoid showing up to our casting unprepared.

Make research and practice your craft.

Wear your self-confidence, smile and keep your positive energy.

MILES MODELS Tips to Getting Scouted:

Professional model scouts are looking for something different than you might expect.

We don’t want to see you in your fanciest outfit with lots of makeup on.

We are looking for you at your most natural.

To those who'll qualify, you'll be ask for final interview virtually via WhatsApp and confirmation will be sent out via email,

this could take 3-5 business days. Open Calls doesn't guarantee representation.

Please read it thoroughly to avoid confusion.

- Complete the form below!

- You will receive appointment confirmation via Google Calendar.

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